Chun Sheng in the Season of Falling Petals


 Late spring falls on the third month of the lunar calendar. In the late spring of the 9th Year under the Reign of Emperor Yonghe during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Youjun gathered with a group of scholars at Lanting of Shanyin County, Kuaiji Prefecture, offering sacrifices on the river, floating wine cups along the winding currents. In a late spring, the lyricist Li Qingzhao lamented that red crabapple flowers fell while their leaves flourished over a rainy and windy night; Lu Xun missed his hometown after listening to the Liu Zhi Ci sung by Suzhou girls while drinking; Zeng Xi expressed his ambition: half a dozen youth, wearing spring clothes, bathed in Yishui River, got in a draught on Wuyu Platform, and sang all the way home; and the giant panda Chun Sheng, remains away from the bustle and leads a leisurely life in the tranquility of the Base.




When the leaves are lush while flowers scarce, it is just the perfect time to enjoy bamboo shoots.




Creative facilities bring new experiences.



Enjoying iced cake is such a joy for a bear.

Chun Sheng: Look at my pseudo thumb!



 Chun Sheng: Climbing trees is good exercise!


Chun Sheng: As a quiet handsome boy, I must eat bamboo silently.

It is a cloudless and fair day with gentle breezes. During the season of falling petals, will you get to meet Chun Sheng?

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