Chubby and Naive Lun Hui


 Lun Hui is the first cub of Mei Lun, a returned giant panda. Perhaps it is because he inherited his mother’s excellent genes that he has a round head and looks quite chubby and naive. Born on July 25 of last year, he will soon celebrate his first birthday. Sometimes he moves around, while other times he likes to stay still. His life is like the rising sun, full of infinite possibilities. Let’s take a look at him together!

Lun Hui sticking out his cute little head
Wandering slowly
Although full of energy as a young baby, he, like his other little friends, also spends most of his time sleeping every day.
Nodding off
Sleeping tight
Resting peacefully
When flowers fall on him, a touch of liveliness is added to his chubby and naive temperament.
Fresh flowers on Lun Hui
Lun Hui in the sunset
image001 拷贝.jpg
Lun Hui having fun
If you also like Lun Hui's gentle temperament, you can plan your own trip and come to the panda base to visit him.

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