Fu Duo Duo on the Tree


Fu Duo Duo was born last summer, and she can now climb trees with ease. On the trees, she sometimes looks into the distance, sometimes closes her eyes and rests, sometimes views her surroundings, and sometimes falls deep into thought. Now, please follow us to appreciate her cuteness when she is perching in trees!
Leaning on a tree trunk and looking up at the sky
Listening to the wind blowing and looking straight on
Hanging on a tree and relaxing herself
She likes to find the best spot on the tree to do whatever she likes.
Nibbling on small tree trunks
Taking a nap on sturdy branches
Sometimes we catch her in adorable poses thanks to the tree shape.
Adorable Duo Duo
Sometimes, she will feel happy just by staying on the tree, and you can see the joy all over her face.
Wanting to share her joy of being on the tree with her friends below
Look at that smile!
Exploring the big tree may only be a small phase in her growth. We believe that in the future, the lovely panda will definitely find more fun in her life. Here, we wish her all the best!

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