Sleeping Positions of Giant Pandas


 World Sleep Day is celebrated on March 21st. Sound sleep is necessary to wake up refreshed and full of energy, and giant pandas spend most of their time either sleeping or eating. This cute and clumsy creature is actually quite flexible. When sleeping, they can contort their bodies into various positions and prefer to lie flat or on their sides, stretch out or curl up.

On her perch, plump He Hua looks peaceful deep asleep. Even when He Hua wakes up, she lazily opens her eyes to admire the turquoise bamboo forest around her as if half dreaming.

He Hua


Run Yue likes sleeping in trees. Her round belly betrays her “big boss” temperament.


Run Yue


Ai Jiu, known for her big heart, will fall asleep as soon as she finds a suitable branch on a tall tree.


Ai Jiu


The big tree that Chun Sheng has chosen seems safe. In a stout tree, he can sleep in any position.



Chun Sheng


A cub in the Sunshine Delivery House is lying on a small wooden bed, fully extending its four limbs. The two cubs next to it silently guard their sleeping friend.


Cubs in Sunshine Delivery House


Which panda attracts you most when asleep?


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