Giant Pandas in Autumn


 “As the autumn wind blows and clouds dance, grasses and trees wither, and wild geese return to the south.” As breezes carry autumn, the grasses and trees wither, and the dew turns into frost. The white clouds in the sky dance upon the wind, gathering and dispersing. The south-bound wild geese and birds make their formations, evoking nostalgia in all. However, autumn is more than the herald of winter. The cranes fly upward and pass through clouds to the clear sky, carrying the poet’s thoughts to the azure above. Tao Yuanming admired the season: “There are many wonderful days in spring and autumn,” while hiking with friends and writing new poems on a clear, sunny day. In the spacious Base, nature lives through these fluffy and cute creatures depicted in fresh and elegant ink paintings formed by graceful strokes.



Fu Duo Duo: The bamboo forest is quieter when autumn arrives.




Zhao Mei: Listen to the katydids chirp; and the bamboo mat has become cold!



He Hua: Climbing up to the perch to appreciate the tall bamboo in autumn. 



Qing Zhu Yu: This bamboo dustpan is like a full orange moon in late autumn.


“The bitterness of vagrancy torments me most in life, and the autumnal sounds remind me of my hometown”. If you are also traveling outside in late autumn, why not visit the giant pandas to remind you of home?


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