Welcoming the New Year and Sending Blessings, Giant Pandas Cubs’ Debut




With the arrival of the New Year, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is full of joy, where 13 half-year-old giant panda cubs made a collective appearance, sending their cutest New Year blessings to people all over the country.

Although it is the twelfth lunar month of winter, Sunshine Delivery House is very lively, with the red “2023” display board on the playground, the red hangers on the trees, and the “New Year gift boxes” on the ground creating a strong New Year ambience. When the keepers appeared in the outdoor area holding giant panda cubs, there were bursts of cheers from the visitors who had been looking forward to it, and constant sounds of shutters.

Over the past year, the Panda Base had successfully bred 15 giant pandas. This time, 13 giant panda cubs made their debut in the New Year's Day. Among them are “Huan Cai”, “Bei Chen”, “Jia Xin”, “Ai Lin”, “Ai Si” and “Wen Jing” in the Sunshine Delivery House, as well as “Chao Chao”, “Nao Nao”, “Ke Nian”, “Zheng Yu”, “Bei Xia”, “Jiao Yi” and “Ji Ran” in the Moonlight Delivery House. At present, all those newly-born babies are growing well, among whom, the heaviest “Jiao Yi” has exceeded 12 kg, while the lightest “Fu Wan” is close to 6 kg.




In recent years, the Panda Base remains committed to better prenatal and postnatal care, by strictly selecting female giant pandas of appropriate age for reproduction according to the guidance, and continuously improving their genetic structure to maintain good genetic diversity. At present, the captive population of giant pandas has grown to 237. The average annual growth rate of the captive giant panda population has climbed to 12.2% through our continuous introduction and training of talents, scientific and technological breakthroughs, as well as practical application of such achievements, which have contributed a lot to giant panda breeding.











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