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In March, Chengdu is usually sunny, which is suitable for visitors to go outing with cute spring clothes to enjoy colorful flowers blossoming all around.





The most popular in this spring must be the giant panda. The chubby and fluffy species with soft hair are hanging on the tree, hiding in the grass, and rolling on the ground, occupying the minds of many visitors.
We are also very glad to witness giant pandas gaining such a wide popularity.
However, when strolling around the park recently, we occasionally noticed some friends who lost their way, and complained about the different signs of the new and previous parks in the Base, for there were few street signs and some are unclear. Some friends also posted on the Internet that there are always long queues for sightseeing buses, and the footprint instructions are hard to notice, which led them to the wrong place. We, with poor sense of direction, can especially understand visitors’ such feelings (do people in southern China find it hard to have a good sense of direction?).
In response, the staff have immediately sorted out the valuable suggestions and opinions put forward by the visitors in detail, and formulated an overhaul plan. 
Let’s take a look together at what changes will be made to the park of our base from tomorrow.
Signage System
The first comes the signage system. We will remove obscure road signs and indication signs to avoid misleading; we will add ground signs at more than 10 major intersections in the previous park and one-way ground signs at important visiting spots to deliver better guiding services for visitors. In the next step, we will continue to improve the system to provide visitors with a better visiting experience.
Sightseeing Bus
The second change lies in sightseeing buses. We will continue to increase the number of sightseeing buses, optimize operating routes, and improve the service quality of site staff, so as to effectively improve the park’s carrying capacity and efficiency.
Service Quality
The next comes to service quality. We will further train our staff to ensure the accuracy of their answers to visitors’ inquiries; we will employ more staff to popular sites to provide guidance by managing the flow from a distance, and put up more guidance and reminders.
Dear visitors, giant pandas prefer a quiet environment. So please keep quiet while watching them. Their eyes are very sensitive, so please do remember to turn off your flashlights and refrain from throwing food or garbage to them, since keepers will carefully prepare the safest food for them, which is nutritious and delicious as well.
Thank you for your love for giant pandas and your concern for giant panda conservation. With the continuous advancement of the Base, we are also constantly confronted with emerging challenges. We will learn from excellent peers, and apply their advanced ideas to all aspects of park management, in a bid to continuously improve the quality of tourism services and provide a better tour environment and visiting experience.
As the chubby and adorable species act as a comfort for us in a hectic life, we are supposed to visit them in a civilized manner and work harder to protect the cute black and white elves.
Ps: In the near future, we will roll out a new series of tips for watching giant pandas. Please do not forget to like and collect the post then. You are also welcomed to continue to supervise our work and provide your valuable opinions. (Travel service hotline: 028-83510033/83507814)

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