Captured Scene of a Barking Deer Suckling Its Mother’s Milk in Panda Valley


Just after the 23rd International Day for Biological Diversity, when the staff of Dujiangyan Panda Valley were recycling the infrared camera, they accidentally discovered that the camera had clearly captured a precious picture of two wild barking deer passing by at the same time. In the picture, the baby deer had just suckled the milk, following behind its mother step by step, and raising its head from time to time to show its desire for more. What a lovely scene!
Thanks to the continuous efforts of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, the ecological progress and restoration of the Panda Valley have achieved fruitful results. The infrared cameras set up in the Panda Valley not only captured the traces of different wild barking deer, but also other wild rare species under national second-class protection, such as tufted deer, wild boar, hog badger, masked civet, leopard cat and so on.

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