Panda Base Popular Science Activity on 2023 World Environment Day


The year 2023 witnessed the 50th World Environment Day, which was given the theme Beat Plastic Pollution, which focused on solutions for plastic pollution beside the domestic theme of Modernizing Coexistence between Humans and Nature. By combining International Children’s Day and World Environment Day, the Panda Base planned and held their popular science activity Bamboo Cup Painting for Environmental Protection in the park.
This activity, which incorporated popular science knowledge about the staple of the giant panda’s diet– bamboo as well as information about reducing plastic pollution, aims to raise awareness among teenagers regarding the hazards of plastic pollution on not only biology but also the environment and guide teenagers and children to think and act creatively about environmental protection and environmentally-friendly lifestyles. This event was also tasked to help them seek solutions for plastic pollution through edutainment, including themed poster display, popular science knowledge explanations, creative eco-friendly handicrafts, photo sharing, environmental cultural and creative publicity material distribution, interactive museum exploration, science popularization via official accounts, etc. These methods can inspire them to act on their own and explore what they can do to practice the concept of a green and sustainable ecology, and modernize human-nature harmonious coexistence.


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