Publicity Activity for 2023 Science and Technology Week and International Day for Biological Diversity at the Panda Base


During national, provincial, and municipal Science and Technology Week and the International Day for Biological Diversity, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding launched eight popular science education activities about From Consensus to Action: Rebuilding Biodiversity for the public, which were held online and in person simultaneously.



I. Master TALK • Popular Science Salon: Exploring the Secret Land of the Bamboo Forest

Dr. Yao Ying, a wildlife nutrition expert at the Chengdu Panda Base, held a wonderful and interesting popular science salon that focused on bamboo for the giant pandas. This salon was divided into an indoor section where Dr. Yao explained the relevant knowledge and a practical part held outdoors. The event was also available online and in person simultaneously. It not only imparted to the public theoretical knowledge of bamboo as well as how giant pandas eat bamboo, but also disseminated biodiversity conservation knowledge, which advocated for visiting in a civilized manner and raised the public's awareness of ecological environmental protection.



II. Open Key Laboratory: The Research-Study Panda Blood under the Microscope

On May 21, the Panda Base welcomed students interested in scientific research and the giant panda, our national treasure. Guided by scientists and popular science instructors, students participated in the research-study activity Panda Blood under the Microscope, during which they experienced the scientists’ daily tasks, and learned about giant panda blood.




III. Science Popularization about Responsible Dog Breeding in Communities: I Am a Good Neighbor to Giant Pandas

To increase dog immunization and infectious disease prevention and control in communities around the Giant Panda National Park, on March 22-26, 2023, a group composed of the disease research team of the Animal Conservation Research Department, the popular science education team of the Chengdu Panda Base, as well as the staff of Tangjiahe Area went into villages and communities around Tangjiahe, investigated dog diseases and immunization and launched a science popularization activity I Am a Good Neighbor to Giant Pandas. Dog immunization, epidemic origin investigations, sample collection, disease detection and analysis, scientific popularization of infectious disease prevention and management, promotion of laws and regulations related to animal protection and epidemic prevention, green life advocacy, and other tasks were completed successfully.






IV. Science Popularization on Campus: Exploring the Secrets of the Giant Panda

The popular science instructors from the Chengdu Panda Base came to Qingxi Town Central Primary School in Qingchuan County, Tangjiahe Area of the Giant Panda National Park with the goal of educating the public about Biodiversity Conservation, speaking to 220 teachers and students at the school. This lecture mainly focused on sharing knowledge and interactive links and was supplemented by interesting popular science videos, which shared the achievements of endangered wildlife conservation that giant pandas represent and biodiversity conservation in the Panda Base. Their goal was to plant the seeds of environmental protection in the students and encourage them to love home we share with giant pandas by doing the little things they could accomplish.



V. Popular Science Lecture: The Giant Pandas You Don’t Know

This popular science lecture, focusing on the environmental adaptability of giant pandas, selected topics interesting to the public and held the event which popularized science in the park. This lecture popularized knowledge about giant panda conservation and encouraged the public to participate in biodiversity conservation via PowerPoint, model displays, videos, interactive games, and Q&As. In May, the lecture activity was held 7 times, with about 300 people in attendance.



VI. Interactive Popular Science Explanation: Panda Talks

During the 2023 Science and Technology Week, popular science volunteers at the Chengdu Panda Base, focusing on giant panda topics that the public is interested in, held the interactive popular science explanation activity Panda Talks at multiple popular science sites in the park. This activity, in the forms of interactive popular science explanations, sharing popular science knowledge, such as the physiological habits, behavioral characteristics, and the conservation status of giant pandas, encouraged the public to lead an eco-friendly life. In the welcoming atmosphere of this popular science activity, tourists listened attentively and asked questions, and the popular science instructors were more than happy to answer them. All tourists felt that they have learned a lot and committed to practicing environmental protection at home and contribute to biodiversity conservation. This activity was held over 10 sessions, with a total of more than 1,000 people in attendance.



VII. Museum Day: Popular Science Q&A: Exclusive Stamp Activity

May 18 is International Museum Day. During this activity, exclusive cards for the important day were distributed to 500 individuals who visited the Giant Panda Museum and was stamped with an exclusive seal after visitors correctly answered popular science questions, which was designed to encourage the public to take action for environmental protection.



VIII. Panda Detective: Exploring the Giant Panda Museum

Guided by popular science teachers, participants went to each exhibition hall of the Giant Panda Museum to experience an immersive exploration with the help of an Exploration Manual made for this event. This activity was carried out over 2 sessions and about 100 visitors participated.


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