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First twin cubs born this year weaned(07.12.25)

  The first “brother & sister twins” born in 2007 at the Base have been completely weaned.   On the morning of December 13, 2007, the base seemed tranquil as usual; however, the nursery was a
2007-12-25 11:47:09

“51 Gs” Is A Plump Boy Now(07.12.25)

  Everybody knows that a giant panda star was born on August, 7, 2006. He was named “51gs”, the lightest recorded birth weight of the world’s newborn giant pandas. In order to save this small cub
2007-12-25 11:44:01

The First Meeting of the Chengdu Legislative Investigation into Giant Panda Conservation Held at the

  On the morning of the 12th, December, 2007, the first meeting for legislative investigation into giant panda conservation was held at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Experts and
2007-12-25 11:31:51

Leaders of National Science and Technology Ministry and Provincial Science and Technology Department

  On the morning of December, 11, 2007, Ye Yujiang, vice director of the Foundation Department of National Science and Technology Ministry, accompanied by Han Zhongcheng, vice director of the Sichu
2007-12-25 11:20:09

Panda Twins Win a “Venture Investment” of One Million RMB

  On the morning of 8 December 2007, Xiong Xiaoge, known as “the first person in China who introduced venture funds to the hi-tech industry”, announced what is he believed to be the least adventu
2007-12-14 16:03:16

Storm of conservation education sweeping across Guangzhou(07.12.12)

The “Conservation Education Program on the Asian Turtle Crisis” was successfully implemented at Guangzhou Zoo from November 23~26, 2007. It was planned and executed by the Conservation Educati
2007-12-12 16:48:00
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