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What a Coincidence!

Yuan Zhou: I have a “Golden Stick” in my hand. I feel carefree the whole day!
Jiao Qing: Hee hee, so do I!
2017-09-14 09:23:05

Representatives of 2017 Chengdu (International) Children's Choir Music Week Visiting the Chengdu Panda Base

Recently, over 100 members of the 2017 Chengdu (International) Children's Choir Music Week visited the Chengdu Panda Base. During the visit, the base staff shared in detail conservation efforts of endangered wild animals such as giant pandas, as well as a
2017-09-13 22:35:15

Cute Red Pandas

 Autumn is coming. The cute red pandas appear again on the end of the “Plank Road of Red Pandas”.
2017-09-08 09:04:58

Ya Yun, Come and Play with Me

When she gets bored,, Mei Lan likes to “bully” her little sister.
2017-09-06 21:14:42

I Am the Master of My Territory

Ya Yun: I smell the odor of other pandas. (Odor identification is an important mechanism for identification among pandas.)
2017-09-04 14:08:12

Giant Panda Huan Huan Successfully Gives Birth to Cubs in France and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (“Base”) Continues to Make Strides in Scientific Research Within the Internationa

On August 4, 2017, at 22:18 France local time, Huan Huan, a 9-year-old giant panda from the Chengdu Panda Base, successfully gave birth to a pair of twin cubs at the Zoo Parc de Beauval, France.
2017-08-18 00:27:09
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